Dura-Ace R9250 12sp Priority Pack 172.5 52-36 CS11-30

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Dura-Ace R9250 12sp Priority Pack 172.5 52-36 CS11-30

The Dura-Ace Di2 R9250 Priority Pack from Shimano - Your access to the Science of Speed

The Dura-Ace Di2 R9250 Priority Pack gives you priority access to Shimano's brand new top racing groupset. It consists of a 2x12-speed crank with 34-50 or 36-52 tooth increments, an electronic rear derailleur and front derailleur for semi-wireless shifting, and a flat-mount disc brake set. Of course, a rechargeable battery, a Quick-Link chain and a cassette with 11-30 teeth are also included.

Shimano has uncompromisingly designed the Dura-Ace R9250 for speed and performance. User-friendliness, efficiency and safety also played a major role in development. That's why the groupset works without cables at the crucial point, namely the interaction between STIs and rear derailleur. Cables are only used between the battery and the rear derailleur or front derailleur. The wireless protocol is extremely fast and reliable, which raises the switching speed to a new level - with consistently high precision. A twelfth sprocket on the cassette in combination with a very clever gradation means that you have a wider gear selection at your disposal, and are optimally prepared for any terrain. In addition, Hyperglide+ technology familiar in MTB sport ensures smooth gliding of the chain even under loads. Conveniently, the Dura-Ace 12-speed cassettes are also compatible with older Shimano road freehubs. Last but not least, the disc brakes have been thoroughly revised and equipped with servo-wave technology. This way, the full braking power is not only available more quickly, but can also be modulated better. A simplified bleeding process and more free space for the brake pads are further advantages.

Experience the new Science of Speed and get your Priority Pack today.

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Series: Dura-Ace Di2 R9250
Application: Road, Triathlon & Time Trial
Gearing: 2-speed, 12-speed (electronic, semi-wireless)
Brakes: disc, hydraulic (flat mount)


Crankset: 172.5 mm (gradation 36-52)
Cassette: 11-30
Front Derailleur: braze-on
Rear Derailleur: long cage


- battery mounting internally in the seatpost, running time approx. 1000 km
- CR1632 battery in STI for wireless shifting
- front derailleur with more compact design than previous model, connected to battery via cable
- rear derailleur with wireless chip, LED display, charging socket and function button, connected to battery via cable
- brake caliper with 10 % more clearance for brake pads

Additional Components Needed:

The bottom bracket is not included. Shimano recommends BB-R9100 or SM-BB92-41B Pressfit Hollowtech II.

Manufacturer Numbers:

172.5 mm 36-52, 11-30: I-GSR9250DX26


Shimano Dura-Ace R9250 Di2 2x12 Priority Pack, consisting of:
- 1 x Shimano Dura-Ace crankset (FC-R9200)
- 1 x Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 rear derailleur (RD-R9250)
- 1 x Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 front derailleur (FD-R9250)
- 1 x Shimano Di2 battery (BT-DN300)
- 1 x Shimano Di2 charging cables (EW-EC300)
- 2 x Shimano Di2 cables (EW-SD300-I)
- 1 x Shimano Dura-Ace cassette (CS-R9200)
- 1 x Shimano XTR Quick-Link chain (CN-M9100)
- 1 x pair Shimano Dura-Ace BR-R9270 + Dura-Ace Di2 ST-R9270 disc brakes, front and rear wheel
- 1 x Shimano brake hose, 1000 mm (front)
- 1 x Shimano brake hose, 1700 mm (rear)
- 2 x pairs Shimano L03A brake pads
- 2 x Shimano RT-MT900 140 mm brake rotors
- 1 x front disc brake adapter
- 2 x hose connection set with olive (mounted) and insert pin
- 2 x type A caliper bolts for front wheel
- 2 x caliper bolts for 25 mm frame diameters, rear wheel
- 1 x Shimano aluminium cassette lockring
- 1 x Shimano master link
- 1 x Shimano TL-EW300 cable tool
- 1 x Shimano crank bolt
- 2 x CR1632 for STIs battery
- brake set ready for assembly, filled, bleeding is recommended after assembly