Bakskärm BBB RoadCatcher II

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Bakskärm BBB RoadCatcher II

As a racing cyclist who holds something on his finely tuned bike, you will probably want to avoid mudguards. Their look simply doesn't match the aesthetics of your bike. Before the designers at BBB started designing a new rear mudguard for racing bikes, they wanted to keep the profile as minimal and slim as possible while offering good protection at the same time. They have developed a long rigid model with aerodynamic design. It is mounted with BBB's own RingFix bracket, which can be removed when the mudguard is not needed. The exact position of the RoadCatcher can be set manually or with tools for optimal placement. The scope of delivery even includes a protective sticker to avoid any damage to your beloved frame.


  • narrow form for racing
  • adjustable angle
  • suitable for all seat posts and frame sizes
  • quick fixings with anti abrasive rubber in strap
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